Windchill ProjectLink (Live Course)

Windchill ProjectLink

In this course, you will learn how to participate in and manage projects using Windchill ProjectLink. Emphasis will be placed on learning how to access and navigate the Windchill ProjectLink interface, including navigating and using your personal environment, the project environment, and project storage. You will also learn how to manage document information, the project plan, and assigned tasks. You will gain an understanding of creating and managing projects, which includes planning activities and milestones, assigning the project team, and
setting up the folder storage structure. Finally, you will learn how to communicate with other team members using the collaboration tools of
Windchill ProjectLink. At the end of each module, you will complete a set of review questions to reinforce critical topics from that module. At the end of the course, you will complete a course assessment in Pro/FICIENCY intended to evaluate your understanding of the course as a whole. This course has been developed using Windchill.
Course Objectives
• Access Windchill Help
• Browse and search for Windchill objects
• View the attributes, content, and relationships
of Windchill objects
• Identify the project manager’s role
• Plan projects, project resources, and project
• Identify the differences between projects and
• Create projects in Windchill, including the plan
objects required to support them
• Design an action item
• Create and manage project storage and access

Introduction to the Windchill Environment

Introduction to Project Management

Locating and Viewing Information

Creating Documents and Links

Implementing Projects

Introduction to Visualization

Modifying and Managing Documents

Managing Projects

Managing Your Work

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Windchill ProjectLink (Live Course)